Beautiful Ones Ladies Ministry
We are committed to yielding to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to move in and through us.

We desire to live this adventure together - loving God and eachother greatly and extravagantly, just as He loves us!

Beautiful Ones is a safe place for women to be loved, valued and cherished. We have a lot of fun too! It is a safe placd to be vulnerable, have a voice, and authentically connect with eachother.

We are a family and here for eachother no matter what.

We aim to encourage eachother to pursue and seek Him intimately as His beloved bride.

To dig deep to discover more of Him every day as we taste and see that He is good!

We are a loving and united team, supporting eachother in our God-given abilities, giftings and callings.
Respecting that each beatiful one is a created masterpiece made by God's loving hand for such a time as this.

As His bride we desire to be ready for His return, and desire to see His kingdom come in our homes and lives.

Side by side we stand as Sisters, fulfilling the great commission with our eyes on our beloved Jesus together!

Beautiful Ones Ladies Ministry.
Meeting Saturday Once a Month At 10.30AM
11 Sep | 9 Oct | 6 Nov | 4 Dec
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Call: 8790 2917